How to Choose the Correct CC’s for Your Breast Implant

Thank you for your question. There are actually multiple factors that determine what implant size is right for you. It is important that you communicate your true goals for breast size and shape with your surgeon. I have found a combination of personal consultation, 3D imaging, and using sizers to be the most effective way to determine what implant size would be a good choice for you. When looking at your options, an important consideration is your breast width, which should be measured by your surgeon during your initial consultation.  By measuring the width of a patient’s breast I am able to determine what size implants will help reach your goals. Often times patients will come in with an idea of what size they are interested in because of a photograph they’ve seen on the internet, but do not realize that 300ccs can look drastically different from one patient to the next based on their unique body and breast width.

3D Simulation

Another very important tool that helps to envision what each implant size will look like on your body is 3D simulation. The 3D simulation, also known as Vectra imaging, uses pictures of your own body, which allows you to see what each implant size or style will look like on you specifically. Using this technology, we can try several different sizes of implants, and you can choose your preferred size.

Rice Sizers

Rice sizers can also be very useful, and are easy to make. Watch our step by step video to see for yourself! To make rice sizers, simply cut off the foot of an old pair of panty hose and fill it with the correct amount of rice to mimic 450ccs. 1 cup of uncooked rice is equal to 250ccs, so to make a sizer with 450ccs, use about 1.8 cups of rice. Once you have the rice sizer made, you can put it inside an unpadded bra to get an idea of what it will look like. The benefit of using rice sizers is that you are able to try them on for an extended period of time, and even see what the size looks like in different items of clothing.

Bra Size

It is rare that we use bra size to determine what the patient’s goals are since bra size is often extremely subjective. It seems that every store has a different measurement system, and what might be considered a “D” to some people, will not be to somebody else. For that reason, I find that bra size is not as useful of an indicator as sizers and the 3D imaging. If, after using rice sizers and 3D imaging, you feel as though 450ccs is larger than you want to go, it is always good to talk to your plastic surgeon about what your other size options are.


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