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Real Patient Reviews for Nick Slenkovich, MD

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“They put me at ease during my procedure. The surgeon gave me very realistic results and was friendly and happy to answer alp my questions. Ten months later, the results are still amazing. I am just very happy with the experience overall” – Breast Augmentation  |  4/11/2015

“The office staff was available at any time to answer the many questions that I had. They allowed me to try on the implants several times as I was unsure what size I wanted to go with. I arrived very early the day of my surgery, and they set me up in my own room to wait. I really appreciated that. I was happy that they provided the prescription medication to me so I didn’t have to go to the pharmacy. I appreciated their honest feedback and recommendations noting that most women wish they had went larger than smaller. That made my decision to go with the 750 cc. I’m so glad I did. I was very happy with the experience and would recommond them to my friends. They were also very sensitive to my special concerns and needs. Very happy.” – Breast Augmentation | 3/10/2015

“Lindsay is great. Beth is great. Pam is great. Dr. Slenkovich does a great job. His staff has made the overall experience very positive. thanks!” – Body Lift | 2/24/2015

“Credentials, knowledge, and experience of surgeon; the rigor with which he prepares patients for surgery (i.e., vitamins, blood work, EKG, protein). I was highly satisfied with the post-op massage and lymph work, as well as the care from the nurses and assistants. All concerns and questions were addressed in a timely and thorough manner. The office staff was friendly and accommodating. I have recommended Dr. Slenkovich to 4 friends, which in my opinion, is the highest recommendation.” – Breast Reduction | 2/1/2015

“The post surgery care of wounds was much more extensive than I expected and it was not explained to us completely since the communication was via phone because I was an out-of-state patient.” – Body Lift | 1/2/2015

“Everything went well. Nice friendly place. Thank you!” – Breast Augmentation | 12/8/2014

“I felt cared for and that they cared about the outcome as much as I did. They were patient with all of my concerns, and I could come in as frequently as necessary when I has issues with my stitches.”  – Breast Lift | 10/21/2014

“This was a life changing surgery preformed with great skill and caring. Dr. Nick along with Beth and all the staff at CPS were fantastic and professional and very kind. I would highly recommend this practice to others. I am VERY satisfied with my results and the whole process. – Breast Reduction | 10/10/2014

“I never felt pressured to make a decision quickly. I felt in control of my options and choices to be made. The staff and doctor were all very helpful and patient with me. The office atmosphere is very inviting and comfortable and provides a confidence in their process. I would return for future services if the need presents itself and I would definitely recommend their office to friends and family. – Breast Augmentation | 10/9/2014

“Super speedy service…I called on a Monday I believe and had surgery in just a few days. 3d consult was amazing compared to other consults I had…amazing staff….Lindsay was awesome!!” – Breast Augmentation | 10/1/2014

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“The staff was friendly & the Doctor was informative & honest”

Below are some of the comments our wonderful Denver cosmetic surgery patients have said about us. The remarks received are from varying stages of their time with us. We appreciate the thoughtfulness & are proud to share their observations with you. The greatest compliment we can receive is the referral of your friends and family to our practice.

“I just wanted to e-mail a few things to you and the rest of the staff at Colorado Plastic Surgery Center. First of all, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions throughout this whole process from the very beginning when I was first considering having my procedure done, and now even after my procedure has been done.

You made me feel so much more informed and at ease about it all, and you are so personable and nice! This goes for all the staff that I met there, they are all second to none when it comes to customer service, personal attention, and I felt that every person on the Surgery Center team treated me with compassion, attention to my needs and comforted my fears. My husband and I are more than elated with the results so far, and it has been less than 48 hours since the surgery! This was the best decision I have ever made when doing something for myself and my husband, and I will recommend you all to anyone I know thinking of plastic surgery.

Never once did we ever feel pushed into anything we were not prepared for, and never once did we feel we were just another patient. It felt so good to be treated with such kindness and compassion, and Dr. Slenkovich is by far the most skilled and competent Doctor of all that I inquired about and researched in my quest for the right center to go through, and definitely by far the most personable Doctor I have ever met.

Thank you again to all of you at the Colorado Plastic Surgery Center, from myself and my husband.” – H.D.

“From the 1st consultation through surgery and post op check-ups, state of the art equipment is used by Dr. Slenkovich and his staff.  While some plastic surgeons try to copy the look of a certain celebrity, Dr. Nick takes a personal approach and uses his artistic skill to design an improved natural look that fits your particular features. In addition to being attended by a skilled surgeon, Colorado Plastic Surgery Center provides a carefully designed program that guides you through preparing for surgery, immediate post-op care and follow-up visits throughout the year. Looking at my “before” and “after” pictures reinforces my belief that this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 110% satisfaction!” -Cathy

“I’d wanted breast augmentation for a long time. I’m a single mom, and I waited until my kids were grown up. I really still wanted to do one special thing for myself and the time had come. So I gave myself a gift!

I was clear in my mind why I was doing it. It was just a matter of which doctor I was going with. I initially felt I wanted a woman doctor because I had a preconceived idea that a man would be arrogant and impersonal. I did interview two top-of-the line woman surgeons. But when I went to Dr. Slenkovich’s office, the atmosphere was so pleasant and welcoming.

Most important, Dr. Slenkovich turned out to be very understanding and patient with me. I had many questions, and he answered every one. He even thanked me for asking them! He explained that he really cares about his patients, and no matter whether they are men or women, he wants to make sure they are having a procedure for the right reasons. He was very caring, even tender, which surprised me.

The entire interaction with his office was outstanding. They always treated me like I was unique. Dr. Slenkovich and his staff remembered this was my first time going through this procedure, despite the fact they may have gone through it 100 times or more. They displayed empathy, support, and enthusiasm, which reaffirmed the decision I’d made. I really appreciated that.

Now my breasts are beautiful. They look natural, just like I always wanted. Before I felt like this was the one part of me that didn’t feel like a grown up woman. Now I’m complete. And I’m so proud of myself that I did this on my own! It’s not about pleasing someone else. It’s about doing something that means something to you.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Slenkovich to anyone who is interested in doing something like this for themselves. It was absolutely wonderful from start to finish.” – Carmen Shaw | Littleton, CO

“My nose had been broken for 16 years, because of a car accident. It was hard to breathe and my nose finally just collapsed, so I really needed something done.

Dr. Slenkovich was the third plastic surgeon I saw. As soon as I walked into his office, it was a totally different experience from other doctors, because it wasn’t just a nose job kind of thing. He cared about the rest of me too. He really put me at ease, because he took the time to find out what was going on with me.

There were no boring lectures about rhinoplasty or anything like that. Dr. Slenkovich is very realistic about what to expect and how it’s going to look. I felt totally comfortable with him. He doesn’t paint any fairy tale pictures about making you look like a Hollywood starlet, or how your life will be perfect because of the surgery. He was totally honest and upfront with me. I immediately trusted him.

His whole office staff made me very comfortable with what was going to happen and they were more than willing to answer any questions I had.

The outcome has been very positive and I’m extremely pleased. I’m truly a different person. I can smell food again, and now there is flavor, because I no longer have to struggle to breathe while I’m chewing. I’ve actually gained ten pounds, which I really needed, because before, I couldn’t eat. I also couldn’t sleep, because I’d wake up gasping for air. Now I sleep like a baby. It’s wonderful.

Sure, I’ve got a cute little button nose, but I’m actually alive again! I feel like I can experience my life now. My attitude is better about everything. I’m happier and I laugh a lot more. If you want to see my new nose, go to his web site, because my picture is there.

I love Dr. Slenkovich with all my heart. He gave me my life back.” – Elaine Haggerty | Denver, CO

“I was looking for a plastic surgeon because I wanted to improve my appearance. I also wanted to be able to exercise and play sports more easily. I just felt that having the procedure would allow me to enjoy my lifestyle more.

At first I had a few doubts, because my procedure is not something very common for a man to do. But Dr. Slenkovich spent time talking with me and made me feel very reassured. I was able to express myself fully to him, and he understood.

Also, Dr. Slenkovich’s office staff was so friendly. Everyone makes it very easy to talk about your concerns. Dr. Slenkovich took the necessary time to examine my features and made his recommendations. I never felt rushed. I found he definitely tells you what he feels will be good for you, and what will not. You fully know what to expect with your procedure.

I’m extremely happy with the outcome. It definitely changed my attitude, as well as how I look on the outside. People tell me they notice the change in me, especially my friends who haven’t seen me in a long time. They’ve been very positive. It’s really increased my confidence.

If someone feels it would be good for them to make a change, and they want personal attention and care, I’d definitely recommend they see Dr. Slenkovich.” – S.L. | Charlotte, NC

“I was 330 pounds and went from a size 28/30 to a size 4! But even after losing the weight, I was having a terrible time finding clothes that fit.

I interviewed five other surgeons before meeting Dr. Slenkovich. I felt comfortable from the first moment making the appointment to meet and talk with him. As soon as I met him, I knew immediately that he was the right choice. The relationship I felt with him and his staff was very personal and caring.

Dr. Slenkovich was the first doctor that really wanted to take it step by step so we could get the optimum benefit. He was so enthusiastic! It is so important that the person you’re working with is going to be supportive of you and has your best interests at heart. He was as excited about helping me as I was to get the help.

My results are fabulous and have definitely emotionally transformed my life. It has been terrific for my self-esteem. I look a lot better and nobody even knows that I was so heavy before. In fact, I’m 51, but now most people think I’m 31!” – Rose Rismanchi | Denver, CO

“I had two babies very close together and nursed them each for a total of a year. I always had very small breasts, and not even the smallest bra would fit comfortably. I’m 5’10” and needed to wear larger clothing for sleeve length. But the clothes would just hang because I had no chest at all.

I was definitely self-conscious about it. Even though I was the mother of two children, I didn’t feel like a woman. I felt like an adolescent. I thought about waiting to have something done, but then thought, ‘this is important to me, so why not now?’

But I was nervous about it. I’d never even been under anesthesia before. Right from the start, everyone in Dr. Slenkovich’s office put me at ease. Christy was just amazing. Both she and Dr. Slenkovich saw me the very first day and stuck by me all the way through. I could talk to them whenever I wanted to. Everyone in the office was very accessible.

Another thing they did for me was to put me in touch with someone else who had gone through the procedure. They had no problem with that, and it was very helpful. On my first visit to their office they wanted to answer all my questions, and even show me the surgery room. I never felt like a ‘procedure’. They treated me like a real person, and included my husband in the process too.

You know, when I first walked into Dr. Slenkovich’s office I thought ‘oh, I feel so selfish doing this.’ But that quickly went away. The whole staff was so encouraging. They reassured me about how many other young mothers they see.

I am very, very happy with the results. I really feel like this is a natural size for me. I work at a preschool, and it doesn’t interfere at all, or make anyone else uncomfortable.

I loved everything about the surgery. It was very nurturing, like I went away to a spa for a couple of hours, and came out gorgeous! This has changed my life. I feel much more confident and womanly.” = Natalie Hermanson | Fairplay, CO

“Basically, I was looking around at different ways to change my appearance. As a guy, I was very aware that women statistically have more plastic surgery procedures done than men, so at first I spoke to two or three recommended physicians just to gather information.

Right from the get go, Dr. Slenkovich’s office met me on my level and made me feel confident in the work they were doing. Even when booking the appointment, Dr. Slenkovich’s staff made me feel very comfortable. I didn’t feel any pressure one way or another. It was very natural.

Dr. Slenkovich was very friendly and genuinely interested; he was not pretentious at all. I could tell he had passion for his work. He made it very clear that this was not a quick fix. He and his staff provided a great atmosphere of authentic truth in how they dealt with me. They were very personal and professional at the same time.

They didn’t give me false hope that I was going to look like a star from Hollywood. They were very realistic about the outcome and this helped me make a very informed decision that was rational and not just emotional. Dr. Slenkovich even gave me his home number if I needed anything after surgery; he was that available. This extra element really was the deciding factor for me.

I do feel more confident and have had comments from friends and family about my appearance. I have definitely noticed a difference and am very happy with the results.

I would definitely recommend to others that they do the research themselves, and talk to not only other physicians, but to other patients who’ve had the same work done.

However, if I had a choice between a doctor that I’ve been told is ‘the best’ or someone like Dr. Slenkovich who is easygoing and pleasant and has a definite passion for his work, I would choose Dr. Slenkovich. His commitment and extra attention to making sure I had everything I needed made me feel very much at ease.” – CJA | Manchester, NH

“The team at Dr. Slenkovich’s office really has a consistent and smooth flow throughout the practice. You can trust they know exactly how to do this safely, because they’ve worked together for a long time and they have a proven, systematic system in place.

I’m very happy with my breast revision. I definitely feel more self-confident. I think that in society, women generally kind of sacrifice, putting someone else ahead of them. If you’re ready to make that choice, definitely consider it. Do it for you. The financial aspect really does get minimized, because you’re so happy with the outcome and how you feel about yourself afterward. I have absolutely no regrets.

I believe Dr. Slenkovich is the best. My entire experience from start to finish was very positive and I’m definitely confident when recommending Dr. Slenkovich to others.” – S.F. | Denver, CO

“At the first meeting, I felt totally confident with Dr. Slenkovich. The staff displays the utmost professionalism with the patients. There was no reason to look elsewhere.”

”I chose this office because of the professional reputation of Dr. Slenkovich. You were straight forward…Real people with honest suggestions and ideas for what I wanted to achieve – no lies or fluff – PB

”My consultation experience was wonderful. The office, the staff and Dr. Slenkovich were all very helpful and put me at ease. That is why I chose this office (Colorado Plastic Surgery Center) for my procedure! – JML

”This is the only office I would go to! Great staff and great people to work with… A thoroughly wonderful team. – CT

“The doctor was more attentive and willing to answer (my) questions.” – DM

“Dr. Slenkovich took a personal approach, which made me more comfortable as a patient.” – KR

“Dr. Slenkovich and his staff members served and cared about ME… All my questions were answered. I gained a lot of confidence with the initial consultation process.” – PKC

“Thank you Colorado Plastic Surgery Center for your time and kindness!” – SV

“Dr. Nick – Thank you for everything you’ve done, you’ve brought life back to me…” – NR

“I loved you guys!” – AO

“I felt so comfortable and informed with your staff – like I would never have to wait for answers or information. The staff actually cared about my decisions and my feelings. I don’t feel like the money is important to them. They care about me – the person!” – DB

“I am so happy (with my surgical results)! My self esteem has doubled.” – TCA

“Anytime someone tells me they are considering plastic surgery I recommend you guys. I felt comfortable and safe. The day of my surgery I was very scared but the doctor calmed me with his confidence!” – JL

“I felt very comfortable about my consult. Thank you for spending so much time to answer my questions.” – RW

“Thank you so much for meeting and exceeding my expectations. I had a wonderful experience. I have to admit that I demanded more care, patience and attention then some of your other patients!” – CR

“I was extremely confident in your staff and information that I was given. After meeting with him (Dr. Slenkovich) I felt positive that this is who I wanted to do my surgery.” – KW

At Dr. Slenkovich’s plastic surgery facility, all patients are treated as if they were dear family members. Dr. Slenkovich personally conducts thorough consultations to learn about the needs and desires of his patients, and to develop individualized treatment plans. This approach allows him to consistently deliver highly rewarding results for all of his Denver liposuction, tummy tuck and facelift patients. Other procedures Dr. Slenkovich performs more often include rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and mommy makeover.

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