Reconstructive Nose Surgery

Reconstructive rhinoplasty is the medical term for reconstructing a nose for functional rather than cosmetic purposes. The most common kinds of nasal reconstruction the renowned Denver nose surgery specialist Dr. Slenkovich performs include:

  • A deviated septum or blocked nasal passages – known as septoplasty or septo-rhinoplasty
  • Repair of a broken nose
  • Reconstructions for trauma, solid tumors, skin cancer or other defects or scars.

Repair of a deviated nasal septum or blocked nasal passages is highly successful at relieving nasal obstruction. It is used to correct problems with the nose, such as breathing difficulties and/or damage incurred through injury. Nasal airway surgery is often related to the repair of a broken nose or reconstruction for trauma, and they are often combined in a given case. Aesthetic rhinoplasty is closely related and often those techniques are part of reconstructive surgery as well.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Septoplasty and septorhinoplasty are performed on an outpatient basis under sedation with local or general anesthesia. We perform these surgeries in our brand-new, state-of-the-art surgical center, located in the same building as our practice office.

What Is Recovery Like?

Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication. Splints are commonly used inside the nose, which are removed within the first week. Commonly breathing is better immediately after removing the internal splints. If rhinoplasty is combined with septoplasty, recovery follows that described under nose reshaping.

Is Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Covered By Insurance?

Septoplasty and nasal obstruction surgery are commonly covered by insurance companies. At this time we are not accepting new insurance patients. However, if you are interested in seeking reimbursement from your insurance we are happy to provide you with the medical billing codes for self submission.

To Learn More

Please explore our site for more information about the specific procedure you’re interested in, and please view our before and after photos. We also invite you to read about our patients’ experiences on our patient testimonials pages.

Dr. Nick Slenkovich is proud of his reputation as one of the leading plastic surgeons Denver has to offer – the result of numerous personal referrals from highly satisfied patients. He offers an array of procedures for patients desiring to improve the function and/or shape of their nose. In addition, he specializes in helping patients who have undergone unsatisfactory nose surgery elsewhere achieve beautiful nasal contours through revision surgery.

If you are considering a reconstructive nose surgery to correct functional and/or aesthetic concerns with your nose, contact us to schedule your consultation.

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