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Being a mother can take a toll on the body. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause the abdominal muscles to become lax, breasts to sag or deflate, and the contours of your body to soften. The Mommy Makeover procedure at Colorado Plastic Surgery Center is designed to reshape contours, restore breast shape and volume and rejuvenate the body to its pre-pregnancy conditions.

A “Mommy Makeover” is a layman’s term to describe a combination of procedures that are often combined to meet the aesthetic goals of mothers post pregnancy. The Mommy Makeover typically includes the following procedures:

However, it is also possible complete the procedures in stages at different times.

The Tummy tuck tighten the abdominal wall muscles that have been stretched to accommodate your growing baby during pregnancy. A Tummy tuck is also the only way to get rid of excess skin that you may have in the abdominal area as a result of your skin expanding during pregnancy, as well as the only method to remove stretch marks that may have also developed during pregnancy.

To fully rejuvenate a woman’s body post pregnancy, a breast enhancement procedure is often a necessary part of the Mommy Makeover as well. The breast enhancement could be a breast lift, breast augmentation with implants or both procedures to restore the volume and shape of your breasts that breastfeed and pregnancy have changed.

Often, liposuction may be used solely or in combination with the above procedures to give Mom the firm look that her body had before the baby.

The confidence boost that a Mommy Makeover in Denver provides to a Mom’s self esteem is immeasurable. We all know the miracle of childbirth brings with it a lot of changes. But now mothers can get their bodies back into shape and confidently enjoy the active lifestyle their children demand.

Mommy Makeover Featured Testimonial

“I wanted to thank you for my mommy package surgery. I have received many compliments on how natural my breasts look. Even though many people gave me compliments, I could not appreciate the total transformation until I saw the pictures taken afterward. As women, we tend to have a poor self image, the photographs help to reinforce the transformation. Between you and your staff, my self esteem has increased greatly and has helped both personally & professionally.” -Darcy (actual patient)

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did for Darcy. Her self esteem & confidence is ten times what is was. Again many thanks.” Ron (patient’s husband)

Many of our Denver Mommy Makeover patients are mothers, just like Darcy, who are looking to get their pre-baby figures back. View our Mommy Makeover photo gallery to view patients, and mothers, just like you who have regained their per-pregnancy body.

Anytime your body experiences weight gain or weight loss, some stretching and laxity occurs to the skin, tissue and muscles. Luckily, Dr. Nick Slenkovich is here to help. As a father himself, he understands the demands of childbirth can put on a woman’s body. He is dedicated to helping mothers regain their pre-pregnancy body contours through individualized combinations of advanced plastic surgery treatments. At Colorado Plastic Surgery Center’s beautifully appointed Denver cosmetic surgery facility, all Mommy Makeover patients are treated with the deepest respect and understanding. This approach greatly reduces patients’ anxiety and promotes highly rewarding treatment results.

To further pamper Mom, we highly recommend one of our facial rejuvenation packages to finish off your new look. Ask about scheduling your appointment with our licensed Aesthetician after you’ve recovered from your procedures to give your skin back that young glow!

Call us today to schedule a personal, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Nick Slenkovich. Make sure to let us know that your are interest in our total body Mommy Makeover!

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