Denver Body Doc: Nick Slenkovich MD

Denver Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Nick Slenkovich

Dr. Nick Slenkovich is a personable, warm and caring Denver plastic surgeon whose practice is dedicated to helping people feel better about their appearance.

Dr. Slenkovich’s Qualifications and Credentials

A leader in the field of plastic surgery in Denver and throughout Colorado, Dr. Slenkovich is the much-published author of numerous plastic surgery articles.

He received his medical doctorate from the University of Colorado Health Science Center. He completed his Otolaryngology residency at the University of Colorado Hospital and his Plastic Surgery residency at the University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham. His credentials includes board certifications through the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology and membership within the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, two prestigious associations restricted to only those with certain levels of plastic surgery ethics, experience and skill.

Dr. Slenkovich has been performing body contouring, aesthetic breast surgery, facial rejuvenation and nose reshaping procedures for both men and women for over ten years. He is also a frequent speaker on post weight loss plastic surgery at bariatric and weight loss support groups throughout the metro Denver area.

Dr. Nick Slenkovich, the Denver Body Docdenverbodydocnickslenkovich

Dr. Nick is known as DenverBodyDoc on SnapChat and Instagram. Everyday he gives existing and prospective patients an inside look at plastic surgery by taking them behind the scenes of Colorado Plastic Surgery Center and inside the operating room to see actual surgeries, treatments, recoveries and results in real time.

Dr. Slenkovich’s Plastic Surgery Philosophy

Dr. Nick’s personal and caring approach is what stands out most to his cosmetic surgery patients.

From the very beginning of his practice, Dr. Nick focused on building relationships with patients through listening and open communication. His consultations are educational and informative, and freely explore patient’s hopes, fears, issues and expectations. He realizes that plastic surgery is not right for everyone and is not the best solution for every problem and he does not recommend surgery in every case.

Dr. Nick understands that plastic surgery is one of the most personal decisions a man or woman can make. He views his initial role as providing options and facts, and supporting his patients in making the decision that’s right for them. Sometimes that decision is to choose plastic surgery, sometimes it involves a non-invasive cosmetic or medical skin care procedure, and sometimes the person chooses instead to accept him or herself the way he or she is. For Dr. Nick, it’s all about helping each person to discover what is best for them and will contribute to his or her quality of life.

As committed as Dr. Nick is to being accessible to his patients, there will be times — such as when he’s in surgery or in consultations – when he is not available, so he has surrounded himself with a warm, caring and knowledgeable staff who share with him this promise to patients:

“Dr. Slenkovich took the time to answer every question thoroughly via email and was not hesitant to give me an estimate of the costs involved with both procedures.”

Learn more about Dr. Nick Slenkovich on SnapChat at the DenverBodyDoc.

Your experience at Colorado Plastic Surgery Center will be one of Comfort, Confidence and Caring…

Comfort– through an unhurried approach and a special focus on your physical comfort surrounding your procedure and the recovery period.

Confidence– in our relationship with you, our availability, our service, and our expertise as well as renewed confidence in your own appearance as a result of your time with us.

Caring– throughout every experience with our center and our staff, and through the knowledge that you can always call with your concerns, day or night.

What Patients are Saying About Dr. Slenkovich

We encourage you to read and listen to what our existing patients have to say about Dr. Slenkovich and the staff of Colorado Plastic Surgery Center by visiting our video testimonials or reading our patient testimonials and visiting the following review websites: Real Self, Google Places, City Search and Yahoo.

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