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logo-colorado-plastic-surgery-centerRediscover Confidence with Colorado Plastic Surgery Center

Confidence is one of the basic foundations of well-being. If you are self-conscious about some aspect of your appearance, this lack of confidence can spill over into many areas of your life. Colorado Plastic Surgery helps restore patients’ confidence in their appearance through a variety of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures designed to make you look and feel your best.

Plastic surgery is rarely about vanity as popular opinion would have you believe. It is, most often, a very positive choice in favor of self-improvement — a decision Denver plastic surgery patients make to change some aspect of their appearance in order to feel better about themselves and how they look. Exploring plastic surgery can be a healthy choice in favor of enhanced well being and increased self-acceptance, and can be a positive step to take in your life.

At Colorado Plastic Surgery Center, you will not only experience renewed confidence in your appearance and yourself, but you will also experience the great feeling of complete confidence in your surgeon and the center’s professional team. Dr. Nick Slenkovich is a multiple board-certified Denver plastic surgeon with an impressive level of skill, training and experience who has surrounded himself with an outstanding office and surgical staff. This combination inspires a very reassuring level of confidence in our patients.

Dr. Slenkovich answered all my questions and was easy to talk to about any concerns I had. His staff is absolutely amazing and everyone made me feel really welcome and comfortable. He made me feel confident about my choice to not only have the surgery but to have chosen Colorado Plastic Surgery Center as well. I am very happy with my decision and LOVE my results! -Lesley, patient

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

I felt very comfortable from day 1 with everyone in this office. I told them exactly what I needed and they educated me with every part of my decision to give me the exact results I requested. I had never had surgery before so I was very nervous. Everything was so easy at Dr. Slenkovich’s office. I have received multiple compliments on my procedure and I know I made the right choice. Thanks to you all! -BN, patient

Experience Comfort

Colorado Plastic Surgery Center ensures your comfort from initial cosmetic surgery consultation, through your plastic surgery procedure and every follow up visit. Visitors frequently comment on the warm, comforting atmosphere that envelops them from the moment they walk through our door.

Our plastic surgery facility was designed with patient’s comfort in mind, from the warm and cozy robes that have replaced scratchy paper gowns, to the comfortable exam room tables and chairs, to plenty of free parking, to our brand new surgery center that ensures complete privacy and state-of-the-art care.

Most important for the patient’s comfort is Dr. Nick’s warm, caring and unhurried approach, where plenty of time is allotted for each appointment — and patient cares, questions, feelings and concerns are fully and openly discussed.


Dr. Slenkovich was very informative, kind, and compassionate, and the staff was welcoming and very supportive during the entire process. I appreciate all they did to help and support me before, during, and after my surgery. They continue to provide additional advice and expertise over a year later! I would highly recommend Colorado Plastic Surgery Center to anyone considering a procedure. -CK, patient

Encounter Real Caring

Colorado Plastic Surgery Center patients often tell us that our level of caring is unique for a busy medical practice. Patients say it is unusual that so much time is taken with them during each visit – regardless of whether they are considering a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or facelift. Patients feel listened to, understood, and sincerely cared about. And that’s an important part of the patient experience at Colorado Plastic Surgery Center.

Learn More

If you are considering cosmetic surgery to improve your physical appearance and self image, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Nick Slenkovich.

Dedicated to your comfort from your first visit to your final follow-up, the surgeon and staff of Colorado Plastic Surgery Center will always treat you with kindness and caring.


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