Bodies come in all shapes and sizes from curvy and hourglass to square or boxy. There are certain physical attributes that limit the ultimate shape you can achieve with a Brazilian Butt Lift, including the width of your rib cage and distance between your ribs and hips. Learn more about how the DenverBodyDoc, Dr. Nick Slenkovich can refine your shape with liposuction and butt augmentation.

Join us for an inside look on Snapchat of our practice, operating room and what goes on behind the scenes here in our office.

Our patient today is a really good candidate for BBL. She’s motivated. From the back, she’s got this irregular shape, somewhat squarish overall and we want to go more for that hourglass S curve shape. We’ll start with liposuction in the front, then go to liposuction in the back, this whole framing area, and then add fat to contour. Not for a bigger size, but really just for a nice shape.

We’re starting the fat transfer. This might be what you call a mini BBL, she does not want to be big, we’re just trying to fill in for shape. Liposuction is great for her, but with the real wide rib cage is a limit, so adding fat is going to be a big bonus for her shape.

We’ve got the nice curvature low back, fullness of the outer hip, nice thin tissues all the way around, really nicely sculpted.

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