How to compare surgery quotes from different plastic surgeons

red apple,orange and green apple isolated on white backgroundYou’ve done your research and you’ve learned about the cosmetic surgery procedures that interest you. You’ve researched plastic surgeons, had a few consultations and you’re ready to schedule surgery. While the surgeon’s credentials, previous results, and your comfort with the surgeon and the practice are all very important aspects in choosing your provider, if you are like most patients there is another factor that often comes into play – COST.

Can surgical quotes really vary this drastically by price? Simply put, yes. Comparing quotes can be confusing and even frustrating. There is not a set standard price and costs can and will vary between practices and surgical facilities. With so many known variances, how can you make sure that you are comparing apples to apples when assessing your surgical quote?

There are three very important factors to review:

  1. What is the surgeon’s recommendation and surgical plan?
  2. Are there additional items and costs associated with surgery that are not included in the quote I was provided?
  3. Are the operating room and anesthesia fees fixed costs?

Evaluating the Surgical Plan

Each plastic surgeon has their own technique and will have a specific surgical plan for you. Listen closely and take notes to make sure you fully understand what that surgical plan is, how the procedure will be done and what is – and isn’t – included.

The possible fluctuation in technique is most prevalent with body contouring procedures. For example, not every plastic surgeon’s tummy tuck technique is the same. The classic abdominoplasty includes removing extra skin and fat from the abdomen and tightening of the abdominal muscles underneath. Some surgeons may include liposuction to the hips and/or flanks while other surgeons consider any liposuction to be an additional procedure with an additional charge. At Colorado Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Nick Slenkovich incorporates circumferential liposuction to the trunk including the hips, flanks, lower back and abdominal flap as part of his tummy tuck procedure for 360 degree body rejuvenation. Many practices would consider this extensive liposculpting to be an additional procedure and an additional fee.

Additional Surgical Requirements and Costs

Every cosmetic surgery requires an assortment of additional supplies. For most practices, these “add-in” requirements may be the patient’s responsibility to obtain – both physically and financially – prior to surgery.

Prescription Medications

Any cosmetic surgery procedure will require multiple prescription medications. These medications may include pain medication, muscle relaxer, antibiotic, blood thinner, nausea prevention and anti-inflammatory. In addition, specific procedures may require additional specialty supplies, such as a nasal saline wash for a rhinoplasty. The cost for these supplies can vary drastically from patient-to-patient based on each person’s existing insurance prescription benefits. Prescription costs can range from $100-$450 depending on the procedures, the prescribed medications and benefits.

Surgical Garment

All body sculpting surgeries (tummy tuck, body lift, liposuction, and Brazilian butt lift) require a minimum of one surgical compression garment, while breast surgeries often require a surgical support bra and many facial procedures require a facial compression band. These specialty garments can range from $30-$380 depending on the type and number required.

Labs, Supplements, Pre-Operative Health & Physicals, Post-Operative Care and More

PeriOp-Therapy_DenverDepending on the type of cosmetic surgery and your surgeon’s procedural protocols, there may be additional lab tests, nutritional supplement, pre-operative health screening appointments, peri-operative lymphatic massage appointments, post-surgery supplies (silicone sheet and other scar care) that are recommended or required with your surgery. As with the prescription and garment costs, the additional appointment and supply expenses can fluctuate drastically based on the practice requirements, as well as your insurance coverage.

Fixed Operating Room and Anesthesia Fees

SurgeryCenter_SCC_CPSC_3790.NEF.pPlastic surgery procedures can be performed at a variety of facility locations including an outpatient surgery center, in-office surgical suite or hospital. In addition, your anesthesia may be performed by a CRNA or Anesthesiologist. Each location and provider has their own pricing structure. Most importantly, these fees may only be ESTIMATED COSTS depending on the surgeon’s contracts and agreements with the operating facility and anesthesia providers. Review your surgical quote for verbiage indicating if there is a possibility of additional charges if the surgery goes beyond the proposed time.

Understanding your full surgical costs goes beyond just looking at the listed “Total” cost provided to you after your consultation. It is normal to see some variance in surgeon, anesthesia, operating room and additional fees, but knowing what is and isn’t included in crucial in evaluating your final costs. At Colorado Plastic Surgery Center, we strive to provide comprehensive, all-inclusive surgical quotes to minimize additional expenses associated with your surgery.


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