In the OR: Brazilian Butt Lift

Patients with a “square” shape or a high-up hip and waist are some of the best candidates for re-contouring with the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

This patient had a Tummy Tuck performed with another surgeon a few years prior but felt there was still some extra fat leftover. She wanted to repurpose this fat from her stomach and hips and use it to enhance her curves and add a little volume to her butt.


The magic of the BBL is the combined effects shaping the frame of the waistline and back into fuller curves of the hips and buttocks. In other words, it really is about harmonizing and showing-off your figure by shaping and enhancing the curves.

Liposuction is the starting point in a BBL, and then fat is transferred to optimize the curves and contours of the waistline, hips and buttocks. Typically, I first fill the sides and upper aspect of the buttocks to create the aesthetic shape, and then I work to add volume to fill out the buttocks.

In her intra-op photos, you can already see the difference in her curves after liposuction. In the next step, fat grafting is done on the right side to create the nice shaping of the buttocks and fill in the indentation, which can still be seen on the left side. In the final result in the OR, both sides have fat grafting completed, maximizing both shape and size.

In short — it’s all about the curves!


Learn more about the technique for a Brazilian Butt Lift and take a look at real patient results in our Before and After Gallery. If you are interested in discussing your options for body contouring, contact us today.