Post Weight Loss Plastic Surgery – 3 Weeks Post Surgery

Body Lift, Inner Thigh Lift and Arm Lift

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Join us for an inside look on SnapChat of our practice, operating room, and what goes on behind the scenes here in our office.

Our patient lost of 175 pounds on her own without surgery. Now she’s three weeks out from her body rejuvenation surgery. Here are her before pictures. This surgery was three weeks ago. Her first words to me just now were, “Wow. I can’t remember I looked like that.” It’s a big transformation and it’s right away. In her case, we took off over twelve pounds of tissue and did over 6,000 CCs of liposuction. Here’s these incisions at three weeks, including some area where there’s crusting and scabbing along the incision line. I expect that when we put several feet of incisions with a procedure like this.

We did a long scar arm lift. Here is the left arm from the front before and the left arm from the back. Here is the arm here at three weeks. Underneath I can see the scar. It’s intended to be just barely hidden from the front. If we go around to the back, we can see that really contour here from the back.

We talked about recovery and a patient told me that pain medications were done within two weeks, that she was back to work part time in two weeks, and is now back to work full time at three weeks. She tells me that she’s getting back to a light elliptical, is doing plenty of walking, wants to fully get back to things. Overall though, actually she’s outstanding as far as recovery.

These are pre-op markings. Here she is with the arms, body, inner thighs, liposuction of the thighs, and here we are after. Our patient is amazing. Hard to believe she’s lost 175 pounds. There’s still some limitations with the healing. We did not do this upper body lift. That is something that requires an extra scar at least under the arm here or along the bra line. That could be done in the future, but this is an amazing change.

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